For how long is this going to continue? For how long are we going to put tears of pain and sorrow in each other’s eyes.

So I wonder, why can’t some women treat their fellow women well? What if we were in their shoes? Would we love to be treated the way we treat others? Certainly not!

So then what is the problem? Are we so lost in our insecurities or Glory that we just want to pick on another woman in order to make us feel big and safe?

The way we treat our house helps is just appalling! They’re human beings as well and not animals. They have feelings. They desire love and belonging so why go in for someone you can’t treat well with love?

In fact why should you be so bitter and cruel to your fellow woman? Women! We’re the cause of certain behaviors in our fellow women. Oh yes!

Let’s not forget that we are all someone’s child! Carried in the womb for approximately 9months!

It’s not one’s fault some were born without silver spoons in their mouth. However, this does not change the fact that we’re equal in God’s eyes.

You can slay better than another woman and so what ?! You have many shoes and clothes and so what? You have cars at your disposal and so what?!

Wont we be shy if that woman we treated harshly in the past was the same woman supposed to give us a job today ?

It’s foolishness to think you’re better or more important than someone. 2 Corinthians 10:12 says HOW STUPID THEY ARE! HOW UNWISE THEY ARE!


Let’s stand one and stand right. Let’s unite and help each other up always. Enough with destroying ourselves! Let’s treat other well with love. Let’s put to put ourselves in the shoes of our fellow women; then we’ll feel how it is and help each other.

Let’s Desist from creating walls of fear, unworthiness, disgrace, etc around our fellow women and rather build walls of love, belonging, security around each other.


Be humble and let’s build a community of love for ourselves ❤️

God bless us❤️❤️


Dear fellow Believer,

Dear churchThe structure of the church you attend does not define you neither does the activities of the church.

Enough with the comparisons of whose church is better, whose church does more, whose church has been well structured, how many branches there are etc.

In the eyes of Christ, there’s no charismatic nor Pentecostal nor Anglican (the same way bible says in Christ there’re no Jews nor gentiles.)

Christ sees us all as one body. So, of what essence is it to sit and debate on whose church is finer and sweeter?

Of what essence is passing through the church every Sunday when the Church is not passing through you simply because you’re so concerned about monitoring the activities of the church in order to go and compare among your group?

Or Just because you want to go and sit in a fully air condition church on Sunday?

My darlings, these are all schemes of the devil to distract and divide Christ’s people.

Whatever church (filled with the Spirit) or denomination we belong to, we all HAVE ONE MANDATE; to win souls FOR CHRIST, (*_NOT_* for the church building; not to fill the empty pews❌, BUT because we want the best for the person and would want Him to enjoy fully in Christ.)

Dear Church,

Let’s allow the Holy Spirit lead and fill the church. Let’s give Him the go ahead over all our endeavors.

Church, let’s rise and unite and fight a common course. The next church is not the enemy.

Church, let’s allow the church pass through us and not just the other way round.

Church, let’s win souls for Christ with one voice.

Enough with the comparison!!! Enough with the distractions!!!

God will not ask for your opinion on whose church was better than whose. He’ll ask you questions based on your life so “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”

God bless us all Amen


My heart is deeply saddened

One thing the world lacks is patience and the true love of God

We haven’t learnt how to show real and unconditional love 

We take justice into our own hands  

How many more lives were going to be taken all in the name of instant justice before we got to learn real love ⁉️

How many more families were going to lose its members whether guilty or innocent before we got to learn real love⁉️

How many more spouses were going to lose their beloved⁉️

And How many more children were going to grow without a parent or both, before we got to learn to real love⁉️

Even if one is guilty, two wrongs never make a right‼️

Are we trying to tell God He doesn’t know how to avenge⁉️

Are we trying to tell the police they don’t know their jobs in dealing with armed robbers

Who are we to condemn⁉️

Who are we to take a life⁉️

When the woman in the Bible was accused of adultery what did Jesus sayJohn 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Vengeance has never been ours and never will be 

We haven’t allowed “love your neighbor as yourself” to sink into our spirits and minds

Whether it comes in the form of Instant justice or not, we’re all guilty one way or the other

What you do to others, when you don’t allow them to explain, when you jump into conclusion without thinking, when you take vengeance into your own hands, HOW WILL YOU FEEL IF SOMEONE DID IT TO YOU OR A CHERISHED RELATIVE ⁉️

It’s about time the Church grew and together allowed the love of God flow genuinely and deeply into our hearts 

It’s about time we trusted God in taking vengeance on His own

It’s about time we opened our eyes wider and saw things from God’s point of view 

I can never be convinced that there was no one “who claims to have love”, present at the heartless murder of the innocent man yet, kept mute 

What are we doing as a Church⁉️

Well, the deed is done…this should be a wake up call to us all to learn real love

No amount of talk, blame, pain or regret will restore the life of this man or other lives taken all over the world 

but a few lessons it should teach us is real and unconditional love, patience and a listening heart for explanations in our daily walks in life

God loves you; learn that love from Him

God have mercy on us all and teach us how to show love genuinely and unconditionally‼️‼️

My life Story 

That little innocent girl within me was rapidly dying and I was gradually turning into something else. My family still saw that good girl in me but I knew I was far from that. I was living a hypocritical life. As early as 9years my life had taken a different direction. I knew what was going on but I just couldn’t help it! I had begun living a dark life. Then God showed me a revelation of the rapture three years after; my name wasn’t part of those going to heaven. The angel with The Book of Life told me I had been given another chance to go back and make things right. I decided to turn my life around and go back to Christ. I mean, who wouldn’t? After a revelation like this? But it was only for a short while. I found myself doing the same things I used to; downloaded all the secular music I had deleted from scratch and even got more than I had before. By then I hadn’t understood the basic elements of having a relationship with God and His Presence. When I got to senior high, I cried at every opportunity I got to be alone at home during vacation because I knew what harm I was doing to myself and how much hurt I was bringing to God anytime He looked at my life. But I just couldn’t get a grip of myself and say NO to the world. I could stay months without going to church irrespective of my parents getting furious. The Bible was just a decoration on my bed. Deep down I was struggling but I wouldn’t open up to anyone about it. The fact that I was getting beautiful prophecies concerning my future made me feel like God couldn’t do without me, so after all I wasn’t so far from Him (that’s a BIG ERROR to think like that). I continued living like this till I got to the latter part of second year in senior high school when I received ANOTHER revelation about the rapture. This time, I had gotten to hell and my cubicle there was extremely big with lyrics of secular music dancing all around the wall. As for this time, I decided to seek HELP and guidance which I got. I let God turn my life around and make me who He wanted me to be. I came to a point where I couldn’t even stand hearing certain words which aren’t pleasing to God’s ears. I completed the school and thought I’ll have more time with God which I did only up to a point when I clearly started picking up past habits bit by bit. I got to the university, first year first semester, and will even drink more than the boys at our little get togethers. At this moment, I was going to church but didn’t have a stable one. Then one day I sat down and spoke to myself (with help from certain people I thank God so much for the roles they played in my Christian life till date) and FINALLY, after all these years, I boldly and confidently said NO!!! NO to everything unpleasant in the sight of God!!! NO to alcohol!!! NO to ungodly acts!!! NO to backsliding!!! Just NO!!!! Because I was tired! Tired of hurting God! He’s not something I can just play with! He deserves better and more from me. Way way more! Now, I got a stable church and made it a point where the Bible is no longer a decoration on my bed. I’ve come to understand the Presence of God and staying in it. Just as Myles Munroe preached once, I’ve come to understand that I’m pregnant with an assignment and a purpose and I don’t have to leave this world owing an explanation as to why I wasn’t able to birth EVERY single result into this World. All I want is to grow more Spiritually and get to know God deeper! Whenever the old habits want to hug me I slap them with Scriptures and then they flee. I just can’t allow myself to go back. I can boldly say I’m a living testimony to sins and habits automatically falling of by staying in The Presence of God. Indeed old things have passed away, all things have been made new. I’m a new creation. A new being! I’m happy, stable and peaceful.

If you’ve realized, I mentioned secular music most. It does so much harm to your life than you see. It attracts demons to your life and makes you backslide! 

So no matter what you’ve been through, what direction your life is headed or how dark your life has been, You may have done worse things than I did, God still wants YOU! But the earlier you turn to Him and stay in His Presence, the better!

Everything blocking the rapture has been removed. There’s no much time and you have an assignment to fulfill. Run to the mercy seat while you still can. 

I pray for more Grace for anyone struggling with His/her Christian life, that God will do even greater than what He did in bringing me back for the Bible says the Glory of The latter house shall be greater than that of the former.

Stay blessed.