My heart is deeply saddened

One thing the world lacks is patience and the true love of God

We haven’t learnt how to show real and unconditional love 

We take justice into our own hands  

How many more lives were going to be taken all in the name of instant justice before we got to learn real love ⁉️

How many more families were going to lose its members whether guilty or innocent before we got to learn real love⁉️

How many more spouses were going to lose their beloved⁉️

And How many more children were going to grow without a parent or both, before we got to learn to real love⁉️

Even if one is guilty, two wrongs never make a right‼️

Are we trying to tell God He doesn’t know how to avenge⁉️

Are we trying to tell the police they don’t know their jobs in dealing with armed robbers

Who are we to condemn⁉️

Who are we to take a life⁉️

When the woman in the Bible was accused of adultery what did Jesus sayJohn 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Vengeance has never been ours and never will be 

We haven’t allowed “love your neighbor as yourself” to sink into our spirits and minds

Whether it comes in the form of Instant justice or not, we’re all guilty one way or the other

What you do to others, when you don’t allow them to explain, when you jump into conclusion without thinking, when you take vengeance into your own hands, HOW WILL YOU FEEL IF SOMEONE DID IT TO YOU OR A CHERISHED RELATIVE ⁉️

It’s about time the Church grew and together allowed the love of God flow genuinely and deeply into our hearts 

It’s about time we trusted God in taking vengeance on His own

It’s about time we opened our eyes wider and saw things from God’s point of view 

I can never be convinced that there was no one “who claims to have love”, present at the heartless murder of the innocent man yet, kept mute 

What are we doing as a Church⁉️

Well, the deed is done…this should be a wake up call to us all to learn real love

No amount of talk, blame, pain or regret will restore the life of this man or other lives taken all over the world 

but a few lessons it should teach us is real and unconditional love, patience and a listening heart for explanations in our daily walks in life

God loves you; learn that love from Him

God have mercy on us all and teach us how to show love genuinely and unconditionally‼️‼️


Author: Ministertina

I'm all about Jesus🌹😃

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